Voice, the EOSIO-based social media platform, is launched briefly ahead of schedule

Voice, a blockchain-based social media project developed by EOS creator Block.One, was briefly launched one day before its scheduled launch.

Based on the open source protocol, EOSIO, Voice aims to use Blockchain technology to create a trusted social experience, free of bots and fake accounts. Unveiled in June 2019, the project uses biometric authentication technology to verify each account, limiting accounts to one per person and promising to protect user data.

Voice briefly displays several messages

Voice’s homepage temporarily showed several posts from different accounts that had multiple „likes“ and comments.

At the time of posting, the website is no longer available. It now shows „Error 1020“ instead, which specifies that the website is „using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

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Cointelegraph contacted Voice’s CEO Salah Zalatimo for more details on the matter. This article will be updated pending any new information.

In early June, Zalatimo announced that the platform will be deployed on U.S. Independence Day. He noted that only registered users will be able to post content or participate online.

Social networks based on blockchain

After disclosing its plans for Voice in June 2019, EOS parent company Block.One invested $150 million in Voice during March 2020. The investment was said to provide Voice with resources to operate independently of Block.One.

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Numerous social networking projects related to blockchain have been launched to date. In early May, Cointelegraph reported on a decentralized social networking platform promoted by Cryptosoft known as Society2. The project aims to enable users to run their own social networking sites or applications by running an IOTA node.

Earlier, David Gelernter, a computer science professor at Yale and Goldman Sachs veteran Rob Rosenthal, revealed their plans for a blockchain-based Facebook rival.