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IOTA News: Update and progress on Chrysalis Phase 2

IOTA is making progress. The development team conveyed this message last week in a blog post published on November 19. Jakub Chech, the Director of Engineering, spoke in the weekly Chrysalis update about the steps of phase 2. Let’s take a quick look at the IOTA news. IOTA News: Update on Chrysalis from Jakub Chech […]

Bitcoin’s price reaches $14,000 exactly 12 years after the launch of its whitepaper

Bitcoin’s price has passed the critical mark of USD 14,000, the highest level since January 2018. The Bitcoin price (BTC) exceeded USD 14,000 on October 31, the day Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper in 2008. Since then, the world’s largest cryptomone currency has experienced remarkable and exponential growth in several areas. In the 12 […]

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith objects to allegations of violating sanctions

Griffith states that his blockchain talk in North Korea is based solely on publicly available information. Virgil Griffith, the former Bitcoin Rush development researcher, filed an objection on Thursday against allegations that he should have deliberately disregarded US sanctions against North Korea. He justifies his objection by stating that the prosecution of the Southern District […]

Il buono e il cattivo su PayPal

La capitalizzazione di mercato dei cripto-mercati è aumentata di 25 miliardi di dollari in seguito alla notizia che PayPal avrebbe permesso i pagamenti in cripto-valuta, ma ci sono un sacco di avvertimenti che l’utente medio deve conoscere. Il fornitore globale di pagamenti PayPal ha quasi 350 milioni di utenti e 26 milioni di fornitori nella […]

Ripple, considerando a mudança da sede para uma jurisdição mais amigável à criptografia

Na terça-feira (6 de outubro), Chris Larsen, cofundador e presidente executivo da empresa Fintech Ripple Labs, disse que sua empresa está considerando mudar sua sede de São Francisco, Califórnia, para uma jurisdição mais criptográfica na Europa ou Ásia. Chris Larsen nasceu em San Francisco, Califórnia, e obteve seu bacharelado (BS) em contabilidade e administração de […]

Dividend for data: Streamr wants to democratize data trading

High flexibility, despite the free offer – extra long trading hours from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. justTRADE offers a large selection – more stock exchanges, more issuers and a free choice of access channel – via app or stationary in the web browser. Both beginners and experienced investors can find exactly what they need. […]